The first word of a letter

to think of someone precious.

'dot .'

A simple drop of water to finish it.

Dear + dot

Born with your precious skin in mind.

Just as drop of water from nature circulates into our skin,

we create a simple product that gives better habits to me and nature.


Start with a highly concentrated skin care product made from the ingredients your skin want. We look forward to experiencing the pure vitality of nature. To you, it is the purest drop in the world.


Hoisook  Kim


Our brand

Cruelty-free internationally and

Use vegetable raw materials.


Starting with an interest in nature,

we conserve resources that are beneficial to both skin and nature.


We seek to preserve natural values through the discovery of ingredients that are excellent for improving

the skin environment.


This is why we oppose animal

raw materials and animal experiments and insist only on natural ingredients.


1~2 grade of EWG ingredients

for your sensitive skin.

We removes unnecessary

ingredients and focuses on

minimal ingredients.


Skin care made with

minimal ingredients allows

you to circulate in harmony

with nature, out of sympathy

with the skin tired from

pollution and irritation.

Eco-friendly packages

by using recycled papers.


We strive to deliver the sustainable value of nature to you.


Use eco-friendly paper that prevents the growth of trees or uses only the trees that have already been bent.


Consume only forest products that are responsible for the preservation of the global environment, thereby conserving larger forests and contributing to

the preservation of nature.